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August 14, 2016
By CoolAroma

Self-massage is a great way to combat stress and reduce pain no matter where you are. It can target the painful areas in your body and bring immediate relief.

The exercises get to the core of the tension and ease it gently. You can try them almost anywhere and at any time, such as your workplace, while commuting, or while watching TV.

Here are some of the self-massage exercises that you can follow, to release body tensions and minimize stress levels instantly.

Stiff Neck

Gently massage the back of your neck using soft circular motions. Then slowly rotate your head and neck, pressing neck muscles against your thumb knuckle. This will increase circulation and ease muscle movement thus helping you relax and unwind.

Tensions Headaches

Press your thumbs on either side of your nose, near the bridge. Then trace a line with firm but smooth pressure up over each eye following the line of your eye brows. Repeat this couple of times. Increase the pressure a little if you don’t feel a difference after the first time. The headache will soon be gone for good making you feel much more composed and relaxed.

Tired Hands

Massage your hands with an aromatic lotion whenever they feel sore. Use a squeezing motion on each finger, and then use a tender pulling motion down each finger and off the tip. Squeeze both your hands into fists and release a few times, this allows proper blood flow that further help in releasing the tension and soreness from your hands.

All these exercises surely help relieve stress, and boost your energy. However, if you live a high-pressure lifestyle or have a lot of stress, it’s more advisable to seek relaxation and peace of mind through an anti-stress massage.

An actual massage helps reach pressure points more deeply, and the mere act of clocking out and taking some time for yourself calms your mind.

At CoolAroma spa, we have a wide range of stress busting massages. And of all, our favorite pick is the Aromatherapy massage which is a fine blend of healing essential oils (extracted from plants & herbs) and relaxing massage strokes. This massage helps eliminate anxiety and stress to make your body reach the ultimate state of peace and balance.

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