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July 15, 2016
By CoolAroma

There’s a reason more men are getting facials than ever before – a good facial helps stimulate skin cells that become lifeless because of a poor diet, alcohol, smoking or pollution.

But, if you’re still a facial virgin and wondering how to prepare for a facial, our facial experts have put together a few things to keep in mind.

These helpful tips will let you prepare for the best facial experience.

1. Communication is very important

Your aesthetician is quite similar to your regular doctor. He/she would definitely want to know if you’re allergic to any common skincare ingredients or if you’re using any prescribed medications from a dermatologist. You should discuss your skin concerns with your aesthetician as this helps in choosing the best facial for your skin type.

2. Don’t use exfoliating products for a couple of days before your facial

Avoid using any scrubs, or exfoliating products beforehand to prevent your skin from getting over sensitized as most facial treatments include an exfoliation process.

3. Shave the morning of your facial appointment

A facial is a complete skincare treatment that not just covers your face but even includes your neck. Too much stubble can prevent you from getting the desired facial experience, as excess facial hair can cause difficulty for the aesthetician to massage and apply the facial products effectively. Shaving the morning of your facial appointment leaves you with smooth skin that makes it easier for the aesthetician to perform the facial with ease.

4. Just perform your daily skincare routine

For an aesthetician to choose the right facial for you, it’s important that he or she understands your skin better. You don’t have to do anything special before coming for a facial. Even washing or cleansing the skin can disturb your skin analysis, stick to your everyday skincare routine.

5. Follow the aftercare instructions

To get the best of your facial, make sure that you pay attention to the aftercare instructions and follow your aesthetician’s advice. The aftercare instructions and skincare tips post a facial help in enhancing your facial results.  

Follow these general guidelines for your professional facial treatment. Now settle in, unwind, and be on your way to healthy and radiant skin!

You can choose from CoolAroma’s wide range of facials and give your skin the pampering it so deserves.

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