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September 2, 2015
By CoolAroma

A massage alone is an extremely relaxing and comforting experience, and when combined with essential oils, it can offer you holistic health benefits. This is exactly why we’re such fans of the aromatherapy massage, as it uses such essentials oils to bring your mind & body to an elevated state of peace & calmness.

Aromatherapy itself is a traditional form of massage that blends the therapeutic properties of essential oils with the healing effects of massage therapy to give you a relaxing experience that not only feels good, but also does good for your body.

The essential oils used in the aromatherapy massage are natural essences taken from flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves and the bark of certain plants. There are more than 400 essential oils that exist, of which about 40 are commonly used in aromatherapy massage – each essential oil is targeted at treating precise body conditions and the best combination is chosen by your therapist before the start of your session.

These essential oils can help alleviate some of the persistent body conditions such as stiff muscles, stress & anxiety, constant headaches, and depression. During an aromatherapy massage, your body is massaged thoroughly with these essential oils thus allowing them to penetrate deeper into your skin & instigate the healing process.

One of the best benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage is that it can help improve the quality of your sleep, especially when done regularly. The use of sleep enhancing essential oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Cedarwood improve circulation to de-stress your body, while the inhalation of such oils helps sooth the mind and relax overly stimulated brain cells.

Sleep is often the first thing affected when faced with a hectic lifestyle or stress. Lack of quality sleep can make it difficult to face every day situations, and can lead to various mental and physical problems in the long run.

Battle such burnout – allow your body and mind to attain a balanced state of relaxation in order to improve your quality of sleep.

Start with an Aromatherapy Massage & be on your way to mental & physical relaxation.


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