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May 31, 2015
By CoolAroma

Gone are the days when salons and spas were only meant for women. As now we have the urban men getting more and more conscious about their bodies. They want to look their best and with the unwanted hair spread all over the body, the desire can seem a little blocked.

But not anymore as waxing provides you the complete solution. It’s one reliable and assured way of hair removal that leaves you with a smooth skin and enhanced glow.

How waxing helps men?

Like women, the skin on men’s body too needs rejuvenation and transformation. Tiring work hours and pollution around damages men’s skin. It makes your skin go lifeless and lack of luster.

Presence of unwanted hair makes the skin more rustic. Waxing ensures that not just the hair gets removed but the dead skin is also waxed off thereby allowing new skin to surface.

The new skin apparently enhances the glow of your hands, legs and other areas that get waxed. When done at a salon, the whole process of waxing appears very relaxing. Though you experience little pain when the hair is pulled off by the waxing strip but the end result simply takes you by awe.

If you opt for waxing, go to a professional. If you choose to get your genital area waxed, keep in mind that most spas and aestheticians simply wax the areas surrounding your crown jewels — so only the regions around and above the base of the penis get the royal treatment.

What all areas can be waxed?

It entirely depends on your personal choice and preference. From hands, chest, neck, back and legs to your genital areas; you can get any part of your body waxed. The eyebrows too can be waxed and given the perfect thunder stealing shape.

When you get frequent with your waxing regime, the hair on your skin becomes thinner gradually as the roots are now weak. With each waxing session, you get a better and smoother skin. Also, the hair density too goes down and you feel lesser pain.

Some important tips

  • Before you think of waxing your body, do meet a beauty and skin care expert. Get to know of your skin type and the wax type that will suit you the best. This is because waxing can be done in numerous ways each depending on the person’s hair growth and skin type.
  • Be consistent with your waxing regime as with each session, your skin becomes brighter and hair density also decreases considerably. Hair gets thinner and it eases the waxing process, also you feel less pain when the waxing strip is pulled off.
  • Do ensure that you are applied a pre and post waxing lotion as it smoothes the skin and enhances the blood circulation. It even prevents any sort of skin inflammation.

Enhance your look and get rid of the unwanted hair with waxing. Flaunt off your smoother and shinier skin.

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