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Heal & Nourish Your Body with Ayurvedic Oil Massage

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Heal & Nourish Your Body with Ayurvedic Oil Massage

We all live in a time-poor society. Hectic work schedules and busy lives have made things very stressful. And this directly impacts our overall health, both physical and mental well-being.

But did you know that your skin can help you balance your mental and physical well-being? Ayurvedic oil massage is a great way of relieving and activating beneficial hormones present on our skin via touch therapy.

Massage balances our endocrine and nervous systems, livens up imperative energy points and affects billions of nerve endings connecting to all body parts including brain and other vital organs. A rightly done massage eliminates toxins from body and thus leaves it nourished and balanced.

Ayurvedic oil massage comes as the ideal solution for a sound mental & physical health. This traditional practice not just calms your body but has great therapeutic benefits.

What is Ayurvedic Oil Massage?

Hailing from the world of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic oil massage is a full body massage traditionally done by using Ayurvedic oil. The whole body is covered with warm oil and gentle massage strokes are given. This massage type is preferred by many owing to its healing properties.

The small sized oil molecules penetrate deep into skin and transfer the healing properties of nature, to your body cells. Also, while doing this massage, open part of hand is used rather than finger tips. The massage oil is warmed as the warmth activates body hormones which aid in flushing out toxins and making circulation smooth.

Post an Ayurvedic oil massage, you are required to take a shower so that oil is washed off completely. Throughout the session, you feel extraordinarily relaxed and calm. The body feels rejuvenated and there is a perfect balance between your mind and body.

An Ayurvedic oil massage relaxes your body completely and along with this relaxation, it even provides many benefits as listed below.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Oil Massage

1. This massage type nourishes your mind and body by smoothing blood circulation and oxygen supply to all cells and tissues.

2. The massage treatment works effectively on each cell of your body which helps in rejuvenating your full body.

3. As the massage process calls for the use of Ayurvedic oils, which have many healing properties, it delays aging and keeps your skin youthful.

4. If you battle stress or fatigue, Ayurvedic oil massage helps you get rid of it. Your body muscles are relaxed during the massage process which boosts circulation and you feel rejuvenated.

5. The enhanced circulation as caused due to this massage type even aids people who face sleep disorder.

6. One of the major benefits of this massage is body detoxification. The warm oil penetrates into the skin and flushes out all harmful toxins thus cleaning your body fully.

7. It even prevents inflexibility of muscles by allowing better blood circulation in muscle tissues.

8. Last, but surely not the least, it’s a complete healing process for your mind, body and soul.

The massage process calms the mind thus wiping off negative thoughts, cleanses the body and soothes your soul by making it feel rejuvenated.

Experience the healing powers of Ayurvedic oil massage and keep stress out of your life. Nourish your mind and body with the healing touch!


Book your Ayurvedic Oil Massage – call 04 370 9706 for appointments!


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