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How to boost muscle recovery after an injury

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How to boost muscle recovery after an injury

When injured, the treatment that immediately follows might be seen to be the most important part of healing. However, the recuperation process afterwards also needs to be approached with the same level of attention, as a full recovery depends on slowly nursing your body back to full health.

Active and passive recovery

Directly after injury, the body needs rest to heal. This means a lot of lying around and no aggravation of the injured part of your body, as the tissues need as much energy as possible to knit themselves back together. However, just resting (passive recovery) is not enough; the body needs to slowly work back towards its prior condition through low impact exercise (active recovery). Consult a physiotherapist for an exercise routine, stick to the exercise plan and your body will be back in top condition in no time.

Food intake

An important part of the recovery process is nutrition. Paying attention to what you eat post-injury is important because you’re supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to build new, undamaged biological material to replace the tissues weakened in injury. Adding protein to your meals is helpful for rebuilding the protein strands that muscles are made of, while food high in Vitamin C is good for ligament and tendon repair. Most meats are good post-injury foods, though vegetables like broccoli are also generally good to incorporate into your diet.


Massages are not just a relaxation tool but also an effective soft tissue therapy. After a massage, blood flows much more efficiently throughout the body. This is integral to healing because blood circulates oxygen as well as nutrients throughout the body, so a better blood flow means nutrients are delivered to the injury site faster. Pain relief massages for men in Dubai can also help reduce stress, allowing the body to heal faster as it can devote more energy to the recovery process.
Our bodies are remarkably resilient, but that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted. Rather than immediately springing back to full health, recovery is instead a cumulation of small efforts in the following weeks and months. If you’re looking for the best massage for pain and injuries in Dubai, check out Cool Aroma Spa for our range of services. Alternatively you can call us on 04 4203344 (Business Bay) or 04 3709706 (Oud Metha).

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