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Shaving vs waxing – which is best for men?

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Shaving vs waxing – which is best for men?

Removing body hair is a fairly common part of male grooming in the modern era – it’s clean, aesthetic, can help with athletic performance and can contribute to an overall tidy appearance. But what’s the best way to do it? Setting aside more unusual methods, there are two main ways to remove hair – shaving or waxing. Both have their advantages; we’ll take a look at both and assess which is the best pick for you.


Certainly the oldest method of hair removal known to mankind – the ancient Romans used sharp shells to do it, and there’s evidence going back even further than that – shaving involves scraping a sharp blade (safety razors are by far the best sort of razor for body hair) against the skin after applying some sort of oil or cream to help the hairs get caught by the razor. Shaving is fast and easy; you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes, and if done carefully it’s essentially painless and leaves almost no residual hair.

The flipside of that speed and ease, of course, is twofold. Firstly, shaving is not a long-term method – hair will regrow back to its previous length just as fast as you removed it, and for optimum visual effect shaving needs to be repeated every two to three days. Secondly, shaving will often cause razor burn or even shaving bumps – these are not only uncomfortable but can lead to serious dermatological issues if repeatedly shaved over, and can be unsightly if you’re shaving in a visible area like the chest. Using the right lotions and creams can alleviate these sorts of side-effects, but it’s difficult to eliminate them altogether.


Waxing is undoubtedly slower; you’re unlikely to have wax at home, which means you’ll have to buy it, heat it up, apply the wax, and then undertake all the usual post-waxing skincare. It also requires a bit of thought – it can’t be done unless the hair is a particular length. Good wax can be costly, and then there’s the infamous issue of pain – waxing is essentially letting hot wax adhere to your hair and then pulling the entire hair fibres out of your skin, meaning that the pain can often be excruciating.

But it doesn’t always have to be like that, and if you’re leery, you can let a professional wax you. There are advantages too; waxing lasts much longer (as the whole hair is removed rather than the top part), and it’s much less likely to leave rashes or spots all over the affected areas. Waxing also exfoliates the skin, meaning that you’re likely to feel healthier in addition to the lack of itching and redness.


It’s hard to say objectively which out of shaving and waxing is better. Both are commonly used forms of hair removal that are likely to work well for you. If time is of the essence and you’re not looking for the perfect finish, shaving is probably the best for you; if you’re looking for absolute smoothness and comfort, then consider waxing. For more information on male grooming and wellness, visit, and if you like the sound of it consider booking a treatment today – it’s good value, relaxing, and a great way to indulge. Alternatively you can call us on 04 4203344 (Business Bay) or 04 3709706 (Oud Metha).

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