De-stress with a Foot Reflexology Massage at Cool Aroma

A Foot Reflexology treatment is miles away from a traditional foot massage. If you are contemplating getting one, read on for everything you need to know before you book.

What is the difference between Reflexology and a Massage?

While these treatments seem like one, there are key differences between Foot Reflexology and Foot Massage the primary one being Foot Reflexology is where the therapist applies pressure on specific points on the foot to restore a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. Foot Massage on the other hand is the manipulation of tissues to relax the body, relieve stiffness, and improve the circulation of blood.

There are many amazing benefits of adding a regular Reflexology Massage treatment at a foot spa, in your selfcare regimen.

Beyond the feel good:

Besides relaxing your body into a massage that involves kneading the heel of the foot, pulling toes, and push-pull of the arch, Reflexology revolves around applying pressure to specific areas of the foot.

Foot heals body:

Through the application of pressure to specific points, Reflexology targets issues in the rest of your body. For example, if you have sinus issues, the therapist will focus on your toes. If you have migraine issues, they will focus on the upper part of your foot, so on and so forth.

Cleanses the body:

It is interesting to note that a thorough Foot Reflexology massage cleanses the body’s toxins and improves the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Boosts Metabolism:

If you want to kickstart your metabolism and strengthen your immune system, a consistent Foot Reflexology massage could be immensely beneficial.

If you are looking for a Foot Reflexology massage for men that not only promises the above benefits but also balances the body’s energies, relieves stress, promotes healing, in a clean, hygienic spa with trained professional therapists, book an appointment at Cool Aroma The Gentlemen’s Spa today.