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April 1, 2017
By CoolAroma

Walking around with caked nails and brittle cuticles is absolutely unpleasant, and you definitely don’t wish to leave someone with a bad impression.

While most men think that a manicure treatment is strictly confined to women, it’s actually a great way to maintain proper hygiene and get perfectly groomed hands.

However, if you can’t imagine heading to a nearby salon for a manicure – it’s time to do something about those frayed cuticles and jagged nails with this 5 minute manicure.

Step 1: Shape your nails

Use a nail clipper to cut straight across the nail, leaving the edges sharp. Avoid smoothing the corners, as clipping too close around the edges can lead to ingrown nails. Next, file your nails to even out the edges and get a rounded shape.

Step 2: Clean up the edges

If you notice white gunk around your cuticles, pinch it away with a cuticle nipper. Don’t peel it off using your fingers, as it can cause bleeding and swelling. Rinse your hands thoroughly to get rid of any dirt.

Step 3: Moisturize  

Congrats, you did it! You gave yourself a mini manicure. Now, all you need to do is apply a good moisturizer that will repair dry skin and seal in moisture.

You can easily give yourself a quick manicure at the comfort of your home, but the benefits of a professional manicure go beyond the looks of your hands. Having a professional manicure focuses more on proper nail care which is very essential to achieve a polished look.

At Coolaroma Gentlemen’s Spa, we have a range of manicure services for complete nail and cuticle grooming using top-quality products. In addition to healthy cuticles and professional shine, our relaxing hand massage offers you complete relaxation.

Experience the professional touch with our manicure treatment designed for the urban men – call us on 800-COOL (2665) or click below to book online at our Business Bay or Oud Metha branches.

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