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June 30, 2015
By CoolAroma

Does muscle pain hurt you often? Do you find yourself dealing with strained and aching muscles quite frequently?

Well, many urban men complain of extreme muscle pain which leaves them with no other option than seeking medical help and popping in some pain killers or muscle relaxants.

But does that really help? For most, these pain killers surely cut down the pain amount but don’t treat the root cause of the pain―formation of adhesions (bands of aching, rigid tissue) in muscles.

If you too have failed to get the desired results from these pain killers, it’s time you give deep tissue massage a try. Best known as the massage that can relieve chronic pain, a deep tissue massage comes with many therapeutic benefits too.

How deep tissue massage relieves muscle pain?

As we said, muscle pain has to be treated right from its root and medicines can never do that. Muscle pain builds up when a certain muscle is overused, or faces any injury or the body takes too much of stress. Under such a situation, the blood circulation through muscle tissues gets blocked due to the formation of adhesions in muscles.

A deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper muscle layers and connective tissue, which is why it works great for chronic aches, and even contracted areas such as stiff necks & sore shoulders.

It breaks down these adhesions thus allowing improved circulation. When the circulation happens smoothly, pain is relieved and normal movement is restored.

Here’s what you experience during a deep tissue massage

The massage therapist will use massage oil and apply it with direct deep pressure on the body. He or she will use fingertips, hands, elbows, knuckles and forearms while giving you the deep tissue massage. The pressure is quite intense as it helps in relaxing muscles tissues. You may experience a little pain but it would totally be worth the end result.

The results

Most people account incredible relief soon after their very first deep tissue massage session. As you continue with the recommended sessions, you feel better, much looser, revitalized and energetic.

Every session of a deep tissue massage will revive your body muscles and help you deal with your everyday challenges fairly.

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