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Is Your Posture Hurting You?

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Is Your Posture Hurting You?

How important is posture to health? It may shock a few to know that it’s actually very significant to overall health.

Take a minute to notice your posture. If you are using a computer or digital device, you are most likely hunched over with your head and shoulders leaning forward and your spine rounded. This posture has become extremely common and is often known as the forward head posture – a position that can cause a variety of troubles for the human body.

Apart from regular troubles that are associated with poor posture such as back and neck pains, it can also cause headaches, respiratory problems, reduced circulation, and troubles with digestion. Which means that forward head posture needs to be corrected, instantly.

Here are a few daily tips you can incorporate to correct it:

  • Set an hourly reminder on your phone to check your posture. This will force you to notice your position regularly and will help change your sitting habits over time.
  • Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and are not tensed towards your ears.
  • Keep your chest facing forward, instead of letting it slump towards your lap.
  • Try to keep your spine as straight as possible when sitting. This is more easily achieved when your chest is in the correct position.
  • Instead of placing your sole focus on the position of your shoulders, pay closer attention to your abs. Activating your core will help you keep your chest up, which allows your neck and shoulders to automatically relax into the right position.

If you have noticed regular pains around your back and neck area, chances are that the pain is due to poor posture. While amending your posture is the only way to get rid of the pain, here are a few tips you can use to loosen up the stiff muscles in the area.

  • Try incorporating arm circle exercises into your daily routine as often as possible. These basic exercises stretch and work muscles in order to relieve neck and shoulder tension.
  • Get a massage to loosen and relax the muscles causing the tension for some temporary relief.

To permanently correct posture, regular massages are often recommended in combination with the daily tips mentioned above. Certain massages, such as a deep tissue massage, can help to actually correct poor posture when done consistently. The massage relaxes the overworked muscles that result from poor posture and allows the body to properly position itself back into its natural alignment. It also helps relieve pain associated with poor posture, allowing you to stand straight and walk tall.

Make sure you take the necessary steps to correct your posture and stay healthy.

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