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Never Suffer From Adult Acne Again

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Never Suffer From Adult Acne Again

Acne can be a nightmare – nobody likes the sight of their face overpowered by unsightly zits. While it’s thought to be more common in women, men who suffer from acne usually tend to have harsher cases of the condition. Not only does this make it harder to deal with, it can also bring down confidence, and leave scarring on the face.

The Good News – It Can Be Treated!

There are a number of ways to treat acne and clear up skin, a lot of which are well known and widely available. These include topical treatments such as creams & ointments, in addition to a number of products targeted at clearing skin and diminishing acne. However, these methods are aimed at clearing the skin’s surface – in order to truly be rid of acne, you need to address the problem from deep within the skin.

Find an Enduring Solution

Acne is caused by bacteria under the pores – this build up of bacteria, combined with excess sebum (oil) and big pores cause outbreaks. Facials address these issues by cleansing the skin from deep within, eliminating the dirt and bacteria that cause breakouts in the first place. They also help reduce excess oil production on the skin, making them a top solution to fixing the cause of acne.

In Dubai, facials have become quite popular with men, courtesy to specialist male spa’s such as ours. Men here, who face a moderate amount of pollution through the day, very much rely on facial sessions to keep this skin in a healthy condition.

Facials are a refreshing way to clear skin and keep it fresh in the long run. A facial session builds up the face muscles, clears pores and removes dead skin, thus making way for clear & rejuvenated skin. Even if you aren’t prone to acne, a facial is the best way to ensure your skin looks at it’s best.

Want to give your skin a deep cleanse too?

Book our Deep Cleansing Facial for AED 250 only
Call +971 4 370 9706 to make your appointment. 

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