Bring Back the Good Old Champi- This Indian Head Massage promises complete Relaxation

If you are looking for an easy, fuss-free solution to drive away the blues, look no further than the Indian solution for complete relaxation – the good old champi. Now what’s a champi, you ask? It’s the Indian art of a truly relaxing and invigorating head massage.

According to the Ayurveda, our scalp houses 31 energy-relief points where the arteries, veins, and cranial nerves of the body intersect. Massaging these points help in the drainage and cooling of pressure that builds up in the head due to stresses of everyday life.

Why massage?

Simply applying oil to the hair and scalp won’t be as beneficial as a massage. A gentle massaging of the pressure points on the head increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain. There are a number of other benefits to a traditional Indian head massage. Read on to find out more.

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Strengthens the hair roots.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Smooths the hair.
  • Makes hair lustrous and bouncy.
  • Rejuvenates dull hair.
  • Refreshes the mind and aids clarity of thought.
  • Relaxes the body.

The Indian head massage is exceptionally beneficial for those suffering from eye pain, ear pain, hair loss, and chronic stress. A special technique which targets specific acupressure points is used to relieve symptoms of insomnia, and migraines. Developed and sustained by Indian healers for centuries, a traditional head massage starts with massaging the neck followed by the head and finished with a relaxing face massage. Typically, it is a great therapy to add to your self-care regimen as it has been known to regulate blood pressure, release stress, and relaxes the body and mind.

Experience the golden benefits of this wonderful therapy and book an Indian head massage session at Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa today.

Massages and facials to combat solar damage on skin

 Dubai is one of those places in the world that pours out the sun almost 365 days in a year. The weather is usually hot and humid aiming at a fiery 90-120 F with the blazing sun basking you with all kinds of powerful  rays like X-rays, Gamma rays, Ultraviolet light, Infrared rays, Microwaves, Television waves, Radar, Radio waves and what not. Looks like the sun is very generous when it comes to giving, while accepting some of its generous offers is harmless taking it all in can be bad manners and harmful.

With companies investing more on their Sales and Marketing sections, the massive amount of men who flock in for this job is countless. This job unfortunately results in a lot of running around in every shop and every street looking for a possible prey to bait on. And this running around in Dubai be it in a car, bus, metro, taxi, bike or on footsteps at the mercy of your umbrella or without it causes a lot of damage to your body and especially to your skin. And if you just thought “What are sunscreens for?” well, they only do half of the job which is why we suggest you some resolutions to keep your body protected from the inside as well as outside.

The perfect solution to cater to this solar problem both internally and externally is to relax yourself with a Head, Neck & Shoulder massage, Indian Head massage along with a Brightening facial. Head, neck & Shoulder massage therapy will withdraw you from any fatigue, strain, headache etc. this therapy helps to restore all your lost energy and power thereby making you feel fresh and alive. An Indian Head massage also relieves you of all your pains, tension, migraine and headache caused by repeated days out in the sun making you weak and dull. This relaxing and soothing therapy commences by massaging the neck, moving on to the head and slowly finishing with a face massage. Both the massages help in blood circulation, energy flow, lowering blood pressure while relaxing the mind, body and soul.

After which you can finish of the treatment with a rejuvenating and brightening facial to free your skin of any pigmentation, spots, blemishes and  marks giving you that extra glow, radiance, even complexion, resulting in a fresh and new YOU. Dubai weather will continue to be harsh all through the summer but having a Head, Neck & Shoulder massage, Indian Head massage and a Brightening facial will boost up your confidence and keep you ready for any upcoming challenges.

Men and outdoors cannot be separated so next time, step out with confidence and keep in mind the rejuvenating facials and relaxing massages that are to be followed soon to sparkle your senses.