Try waxing for a radiant, hair-free body.

One of the many beauty services men find attractive is waxing. Be it inspired by Hollywood hunks flaunting their killer abs to seduce their female counterparts or dressing up casually in a crisp cotton white shirt leaving it unbuttoned to display their bare chest. We have tons of explanations as to why men are demanding to have their bodies waxed; blame it on the media, magazines and movies showcasing men in their tiny trunks and boxers showing off their tanned and glistening hair-free body attracting almost all women in their vicinity.

According to a number of surveys, it has been revealed that women are more fascinated by men with a hair-free body. That sure is one hell of a fascination, because it seems to be working quite well, most of the men are now rushing to salons and spas just to get their bodies waxed and made clean and smooth without leaving a single strand of hair.

Now that you have decided that you most definitely need your body hair removed, it’s time to decide on the least painful, yet effective, safe, and least-allergic method for your hair removal. Waxing is a common hair removal method where hot wax is applied onto the desired area followed by pasting a strip of cloth or muslin onto it, rubbing it nice and smooth and then ripping it off (Wow! That sounds painful, right?) However, the trick here is to just relax. When you are tense the hair follicles will close and the wax will not reach the roots of the follicles. Therefore, when going for waxing try to stay cool and relaxed and your pain will ease away.

At Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa, we offer a wide variety of gentle treatments with Rica Waxes® hair removal products. Rica Waxes® are a professional Italian brand used for efficient hair removal with minimal pain leaving you with silky, soft, smooth skin for a very long time. We also have a variety of other hair removal treatments to suit every skin type.
At Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa, our waxing menu includes full body , full legs , full arms, under arms, back, chest and Brazilian waxing. Clients who are allergic to waxing or do not feel comfortable with it can alternatively have their body hair removed by shaving or by using a chemical cream at our spa.

For an effective waxing treatment in Dubai with long lasting, visible results drop in at Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa or make a booking by calling, 04 370 9706.

Don’t look with envy while browsing the pages of a magazine or watching a movie, seeing a completely gorgeous man with a good physique or a waxed/shaved, hair-free body. It is possible for everyone to get the exact same look with a visit to a professional Spa and availing their waxing treatments, and this is where Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa can definitely help you out.