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3 Grooming Mistakes Men Make (According To Women)

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3 Grooming Mistakes Men Make (According To Women)

Poor grooming habits can damage more than just your looks. It can lead to poor self-confidence, and in turn, affect your social and love life. Here, we delve into some grooming tips for men that will help you avoid the most common mistakes identified by women.

Neglecting body hair

Body hair in itself is not an issue. Lots of women like and are in fact attracted to body hair. However, It becomes an issue when it starts looking jungle-like.

So, how do you go about handling this issue?

Well, for those looking for complete removal of hair there are two main options – waxing and shaving. Waxing is the most effective of the two since it will last three to four weeks by removing the hair at the root. By comparison, shaving can last for as little as three days. Alternatively, you could opt for hair removal creams.

Not removing blackheads

Blackheads are small black-looking bumps on the skin that appear due to clogged pores and hair follicles. They are most commonly seen on the nose and chin, and can start to look unsightly if not regularly attended to.

The best way to deal with blackheads is by getting regular facials. Facials work to unclog your pores, and they also extract any bacteria, and blackheads, that appear on congested skin. 

Nail grooming

Women are put off by poor nail hygiene. If you turn up to a date with dirty, unkempt fingernails, or if you wear sandals and show overgrown toenails, chances are, you’re grossing women out.

Manicures and pedicures are no longer just for women. There are plenty of establishments, such as a gents spa for grooming, where you can ensure that your nails are looking clean and healthy.

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