The Anti-Aging Facial for Men – Galvanic Rejuvenation Facial

While our skills, education, and fierce ambition propel us to success, we cannot discount how important our skin is. Your face is the first thing that people see, so keeping yourself looking fresh is a vital part of engaging with others.

Once your skin loses elasticity, this can make you look more tired, older, and damage your confidence.

How can you feel more confident in your own skin? Could a facial help?

Urban skin damage

Living in an urban area is great for your work and social life. However, the urban man knows that the environment, pollution and simply living a busy life can cause your skin to feel dry and age faster. This can leave you feeling less bright and young than you would like.

What is a Galvanic Rejuvenating Facial?

This is an amazing anti-ageing facial for men, which can be used to target problem areas or the entire face. The Galvanic Rejuvenating Facial is known as one of the most effective anti-ageing facials around, using galvanic currents to stimulate the skin. Vital ingredients are able to go deep into your skin, to provide a treatment that is not just surface-level – hence the incredible effects.

Ideal for any busy man on the go, this facial is a great non-invasive way to fight the ageing process.

Get your glow back

The Galvanic Rejuvenating Facial can help to ease your sagging skin and reduce your wrinkles. It is also the perfect way to relieve tension that you may carry around your forehead and eye area, which can lead to premature ageing. In removing dead skin cells, the facial purifies your face.

After your facial is complete, you will find that your skin has improved elasticity and smoothness, with a firmer feel that gives you the young, glowing face you want.

If you are ready to delay the ageing process with a Galvanic Rejuvenating Facial, you won’t want to delay in visiting the Cool Aroma Spa. An exclusive space for men, you can expect a calming, reviving experience that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Contact Cool Aroma – The Spa for Men

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Who wants to look like ‘Droopy’ 10 years from now?

Imagine seeing your face in the mirror with; crow’s feet, wrinkles, facial lines, dry, cracked, sagging skin and blemishes, lacking that shiny lustre and glow…Relax…it is just a realisation of how you could look 10-20 years from now. Well that, dear men folk, is the reality, the scary part of it! Everyone starts to age with time including, MEN! Your youthful, supple, soft and fresh skin will all too soon be replaced with a skin that has less or no elasticity, tone, or texture. It is always difficult to digest the idea of becoming a year older and not to forget the hair! Keeping your hair on your head is going to be a very difficult task compared with seeing it on your comb, your shirt, your towel, your pillows and plenty more places.

Let’s focus on your face here because maintaining good looks is the most important part of being a man (so that you can deceive the opposite sex when it comes to your age, and still make them attracted to you). If you are in the middle of that journey of getting old, we need to find a solution to keep the skin intact on your face rather than letting it droop all over your face (making you look more like “droopy dog” in cartoon network). Let me introduce you to a technique called face lifting also known as skin tightening or skin rejuvenation; one of the most effective anti-ageing treatments. This facial treatment consists of galvanic currents aiming to revitalise your skin and provide it with adequate nutrients and radiance. And the result; a much younger looking lad in as little as one treatment.

The Galvanic Rejuvenation facials that we provide at Cool Aroma Gentleman’s Spa, target the removal of all dead cells and impurities even from the deepest pores, helping your skin to breath, resulting in a silky smooth skin. Once your skin is free of impurities, the galvanic current passes through the layers of skin and works on wrinkle reduction, and against sagging skin, relaxing the forehead and eye areas and more after which, your skin will look naturally fresh, bright and young. Galvanic facials are also helpful in removing blemishes, pigmentation, acne scars etc. but mostly, they are used to remove visible signs of ageing.

If you feel that your face lacks that old radiance and lustre and you start noticing fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face, stop trying to cover it with your sunglasses or your cap; start realising that, your forever younger vibrant days are coming to an end. If you yearn to be part of the younger crew and do not wish to stay isolated among your friends and colleagues, visit Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa and go for the Galvanic Rejuvenation facial treatment.

Stand confidently at a podium delivering a speech with all eyes on you, or defeat the strategies of your opponent in a meeting. Face the worst with a polished look, all you need is a good attitude with firm and sharp looks, and then you can conquer anything. Who agrees to this?