Vanity- The Silk Route to your Personal Hygiene

Vanity, massages and regular upkeep is no longer synonymous with the fairer gender. At a time when the way you look is often associated with your personality, men do not mind indulging in a quick vanity fix or upkeep of their look to seem right and make the perfect impression. Today men are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that what they outwardly portray doesn’t affect the personality people perceive them to have.

More than being a haven for treatments that leave you feeling absolutely refreshed, a spa is viewed more as a cleansing and detoxifying space. Men have begun associating spas with the upkeep of their personal hygiene as they find the treatments not only stress relieving, but ones that help eliminate dirt and toxins that accumulate over time.

The sudden rise in the number of men spas across Dubai is enough evidence of the increase in demand for this industry. Unlike the spas for women, the layout and feel of men spas are more reliant on the functionality of their treatment rather than stressing on the whole ‘pampering/ feel good’ factor. Therefore a manicure and pedicure are more to do with getting rid of the dead skin cells rather than leaving your feet/ hands soft and supple. Owing to which, men do not feel embarrassed to set aside a bit of their time while booking an appointment with a spa. These specialized spas dedicated solely for men, are taking extra care to identify the areas that concern and prove to be a hindrance in one’s daily routine and come up with suitable solutions to overcome the same.

Cool Aroma Gentleman’s Spa is a spa that falls into that very category. Providing men with treatments such as the Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Reflexology Massage, and Ayurvedic Massage have been a part of their service plan since its inception. These services not only help in relieving stress, but also help in unknotting nerves that prove to be a problem while performing daily chores.

So the next time you come across a new spa that you secretly wished you could try, get over the hesitation and think about how those dirty cuticles would look by the end of a quick manicure.

Is Hypertension messing with your blood pressure ? Discover the benefits of Reflexology- Pressure that’s good for you.

Peace. We all want it. But our work life, with daily commitments to meet makes it impossible to acquire a state that is blissful and content. In today’s day and age where people are only running to make a career, healthcare has become a secondary affair.

Hypertension, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and heart attacks amongst individuals below the age of 50 are not uncommon. With the rise in the number of skyscrapers signifying the rapid pace of our lives, the number of people suffering from health issues is also increasing by the minute.

Long hours of sitting in front of the computer, number crunching, meeting targets and the want to rise further up the corporate ladder, has left our health suffering mercilessly.

The most common effect of these health hazards is a change in blood pressure. This change is known to affect the

a)      Heart

b)      Liver

c)      Kidney

d)      Lungs

Each of these organs when under stress is believed to result in illnesses that could be life threatening. A healthy diet or physical exercise does not always ensure longevity and prevention of the occurrence of terminal illnesses. The way we lead our life, the number of hours of sleep we get, the amount of stress and tension suffered are directly proportional to the years of longevity.

Indulge in de-stressing techniques that help you connect with your inner self. Devote some time to yourself and do some good to your body. A few hours spent at a spa or wellness centre will do you nothing but good.

Treatments like Reflexology massages are indulgent, stress relieving and ensure that you get the right amount of blood circulation. It gives special attention to any numbness that you may feel in your body which may otherwise lead to a grave situation. The massage given by way of reflexology is noninvasive and a natural way to normalize blood pressure. It helps reduce stress, helps you relax and offers a wholesome healing.

Try a Foot Reflexology Massage– it is less time consuming but equally relaxing. Offered by spas like the Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa, this massage does wonders for blood circulation; a muscle pull and any foot distress that one may face. Stimulating specific acupressure points in your feet, the massage uses aroma oils that moisturize your skin  that heals and makes it feel much better. The stimulation of about 7000 nerves located in the feet is what makes this massage different. Boosting the immune system and self healing powers of the body, it also helps with recovering after surgery so as to maintain the results of medical treatment.

Slow down a bit. Take some time off. With so much at stake, your health cannot be neglected. Your physical self is as important as the materialistic you.

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will do you no good.”