Stretch Marks and Men- Does it happen?

Ever since weight lifting became the new trend of staying fit, running on the treadmill became a passé fitness routine. Over indulgent men, began to take up rigorous work out sessions comprising weight lifting as a major part of their schedule. The want to beef up in a short span of time led to the emergence of a new category of fitness. A category where men wanted quick results even if it meant stretching their weight lifting limit to the maximum.

But over the years, men have realized that rigorous weight lifting work outs result in damage to the skin leaving marks that are not very pleasant to look at. Known to occur when the elastic middle layer of the skin (dermis) is stretched, it leads to the breakdown of the connective tissue and hence very aptly has been termed as ‘stretch marks’. During body building the rapid increase in the muscle mass causes the skin to stretch. Though not harmful to the health, it is visually very unaesthetic, and has now become a cause of worry for several fitness fanatics.

Stretch marks are said to be very tough to deal with, a problem that no cream, lotion or precaution can seem to provide a solution to. What are your options then? What are the treatments that could possibly help get rid of these ugly marks?

You could either go in for a cosmetic surgery or head to a spa for a treatment. If you’re thinking a spa treatment as an option is something we’re kidding you about, then think again.

Which one of these options would you rather invest in? An artificial, tedious and risky process or one that involves the use of aromatic, ayurvedic, natural oils to heal the skin by massaging techniques that provide positive results.

Therapies to solve the problem of stretch marks are on the rise. Not only women spas, but men spas also seem to be taking note of this rising concern. Like several other spas in the region, Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa has several massages available that help solve this very problem. Massages like the Ashiatsu Massage, Healing Hilot Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai massage and Shiastu Massage are all based on techniques that help detox and get rid of stretch marks naturally.

Opting for a cosmetic surgery not only is tedious, but the post treatment phase is painful too. Revel in treatments that make you relax without taking too much of your time and deliver results that you would expect to see. So instead of spending sleepless nights over an issue that can be resolved with the goodness of aromatic oil therapy, book an appointment with a spa and leave it to that.

Like it is said, “Vanity dies hard; in some obstinate cases it outlives the man”. Put your worries to rest before they get the better of you.